If a woman could choose to be under chiropractic care only once in her life, the most important time would be while she is pregnant. Woman for the most part take better care of themselves while they are pregnant, eating better, giving up harmful habits such as alcohol and caffeine. Taking the prenatal supplements to ensure proper nutrition. Why not take it to the next level and ensure the proper nerve supply to the developing baby as well.

From a pain management standpoint the medical doctors can't offer much relief without their prescription pads. As the center of gravity shifts forward, especially in the last trimester there is more pressure on the low back. It is also very common to experience sciatic (pain down the back of the leg, starting from either the low back or buttock area).

There are numerous studies showing how chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce labor times, reduce the incidence of back labor in addition to decreased low back pain during the pregnancy. The ability to function with less or no pain increases the quality of life during the pregnancy, allowing the woman to enjoy one of the most special times of her life.

It is very safe to receive chiropractic care during the pregnancy and many obstetricians recommend chiropractic care to their patients.

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