"Dr. Bonsall Treats Olympic Athletes in Colorado" by Susan Fell,
Health News Section in the Suburban News

WESTFIELD-Bill Bonsall has a dream of becoming an official chiropractor for the United States Olympic Team. He moved another step closer to his decade-old goal recently when he was invited to serve as a volunteer chiropractor at the U.S. Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs in August. This opportunity, which places him in a pool of our doctors, may be the springboard Dr. Bonsall needs to catapult him to the Sydney, Australia, Olympics in 2000.

Dr. Bonsall knew as a young boy that his love of sport would take him to the Olympics one day. An avid, cyclist, runner, and all-around athlete, Bonsall's path to the Olympics comes not as an athlete, but as a top-notch chiropractic sports physician. The Westfield native's enviable curriculum vitae spans more than a decade of race directorships and attending physician assignments for such events as the Ironman World Championships (Kona, NH), National Rodeo Finals (Las Vegas),the Boston and New York Marathons as well as National Tae Kwon Do and Aerobic Championships, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball, and professional bowling, jetski and water skiing events. Bonsall was a top pick among chiropractors selected from over 100 contenders by the Federation International de Chiropractique Sportiv (F.I.C.S.), the international governing body of sports chiropractors, to work on the African Olympic athletes in 1996.

Dr. Bonsall notes that of the 60,000 chiropractors in this country, there are approximately 6,000 sports chiropractors. Each year the Olympic Training Committee (OTC) chooses four chiropractors to volunteer as part of a rotating staff of physicians of physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists. These volunteers work the events leading up to the Olympics such as the Goodwill Games in NYC or the Pan-Am Games in Winnipeg, Canada. In order to be selected for the Olympic volunteer medical staff, one must hold a new post-graduate degree, the DACBSP, Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians. Dr. Bonsall, who received his degree earlier this year, joins the fewer than 140 chiropractors in the world with this designation. He achieved it by completing an intensive three-year program that also included 100 hours of field experience and having a paper accepted for publication in a peer review journal.

Elected as second vice-president of the ACA Sport Council this year, Bonsall served four years as the president of the NJCS Sports Council, one of the most active in the country. Furthermore, he was the circuit coordinator for five years of wrangler Sports Chiropractic working professional rodeos.

For more information contact Dr. Bonsall, D.C., DACBSP, Bonsall Chiropractic and Sports Centre, 425 North Ave. East, Westfield.

The telephone number is (908) 654-9228 or fax to (908) 654-9286.

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