Dr. William Bonsall, a sports chiropractor practicing in Westfield, was chosen to provide care to athletes at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The Federation Internationale De Chiropratique Du Sports (FICS) and the United States Sports Chiropractic Federation (USSCF) chose sports chiropractors from 13 states and Canada to work on international Olympic athletes at the games.

FICS is the international governing body for sports chiropractic with a worldwide membership of 44 countries, representing sports chiropractors through individual national governing bodies such as Americaís USSCF. Their mission is providing care to athletes to improve performance and prevent injury. Quite often the difference between earning an Olympic medal and fourth place is only a tenth of a second. The sports chiropractor has extensive knowledge in biomechanics, kenesiology and conditioning that can help the athlete increase flexibility thus giving them the ability to compete at a higher level.

Dr. Bonsall was part of a team consisting of doctors working in conjunction with the World Olympian Association (WOA); an organization providing services to former Olympians to aid in the transition from dedicating their lives to their sport to finding the right career path.

The team of doctors Dr. Bonsall worked with was created to provide sports chiropractic services to countries that without chiropractors as part of their sports medicine team. Doctors are chosen through a rigorous selection process by FICS and the USSCF, evaluating a variety of categories including practice experience, post-graduate education, rehabilitation background, experience working at sports venues and levels of competition.

Dr. Bonsall has multiple post graduate degrees in sports injury and rehabilitation, as well as being a certified instructor of Active Release Techniques (ART). He is the vice-president of the American Chiropractic Associations Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, was a member of the FICS team for the 1996 Olympics, and has been an attending physician at previous national events such as the Olympic Trials for Track and Field, the Track and Field National championships, Triathlon Elite National championships, National Finals Rodeo, Collegiate national and open national championships in Tae Kwon Do and the Weight Lifting World Junior championships. Locally Dr. Bonsall has been an attending physician at numerous events with the New Jersey Chiropractic Society Sports Council, the New York Marathon and is the sports chiropractor for the Central Jersey Road Runnerís Club.

Dr. Bonsallís office is located at 425 North Avenue in Westfield. He would be happy to discuss his Olympic experience and can be reached at (908) 654-9228.

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